How do I sync tender closing dates to my Outlook calendar?

You can choose what projects you want to be synced based on what's important to you- for example you can just sync projects marked as ‘Quoting’ to keep your calendar concise. Or include projects marked as ‘Interested’ and 'Quoted' too.

Calendar sync is linked to your account Watchlist, so projects will be added and removed from your calendar based on activity here. The event appears in your calendar based on the latest builder’s closing date and will remain in your calendar for one month after the closing date expires.

Outlook calendar setup instructions

Step 1: Within your EstimateOne account, navigate to Settings -> Calendar Sync

Step 2:

On the ‘Calendar Sync’ page, under ‘Sync Preferences’ choose what projects you want to sync to your calendar based on your interest level and select ‘Update Calendar Settings’ button.

Step 3: 
On the ‘Calendar Sync’ page, under ‘Calendar Details’ select the ‘Copy’ button for your calendar URL.

Step 4:
Go to your Outlook calendar and select the menu icon for 'Open Calendar' and then select ‘From Internet'.

Step 5:
Paste your EstimateOne calendar URL into the field for calendar location and select the ‘OK’ button. You will then be presented with a confirmation step before you add the calendar to Outlook. Select 'Yes', or optionally select 'Advanced' if you would like to set up your own name for the calendar. 

Step 6:
That’s it! Your EstimateOne calendar will now be available under the list for ‘Other Calendars’. 

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