Searching for your Products, Brands, and Competitors

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How to search for keywords

For many suppliers, the quickest way to hone in on what you're looking for will be to search for specific keywords relevant to you. 

The search bar in your account allows you to actively hunt through all of the documentation on EstimateOne for the products, brands, and competitors you would typically look for in the docs.
For example;

A furniture supplier might run a search for "furniture" then try something more specific like "desk chairs" and then run a search for something in between like "office furniture." The key here is to have a play around to see what words bring up the best project matches for you.

Once you've got the hang of it, you'll be able to access your recent search words via the drop down menu to the right of the search bar.

Making use of the search function will save you heaps of time by cutting out the hours spent sorting through documents - only to find a project is not suitable.

Our entire database of project documents is searched to bring up matching results from our Open, Awarded and Closed tender lists. 

Using the filter and sort options
In addition to searching by keywords, you can further hone in on relevant work by filtering the results. 

You'll find everything from overall Project Budget, Category, Location, Date Added, and Quotes Due by date in the filter bubbles above the results.

Let's say you're interested in supplying office furniture to commercial buildings within 600km of Sydney, you can target every project we have in these categories via filters.

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