Using the Project Noticeboard

Accessing the Noticeboard & Awarded work

One way to go about finding relevant work on EstimateOne is by looking at the project noticeboard via the Tenders and Awarded tabs.

To get a snapshot of open projects, head to the Tenders page. 

Here, you'll be able to scroll through all of the projects we have that are still being tendered by builders. You'll find details like the builder panel, as well as basic project info and documentation.

To help secure your specification, you must build relationships with builders by reaching out to them at the tender stage. For more on building rapport with builders, view our article on Building Rapport.

As soon as a project is marked as won by a builder, it moves to the Awarded page. The only difference between the Tenders and Awarded pages is the awarded builder info. 

Awarded builder info is only accessible to full members. Click here to learn more about the benefits of upgrading.

Using the filter and sort options
You can further hone in on relevant work by filtering the Tenders and Awarded lists. You'll find everything from overall project Budget, Category, Location, Date Added, and Quotes Due by date in the light blue filter box above the list of results. 

Let's say you're interested in projects around $20 million and you usually supply timber flooring for schools and aged care facilities within 300km of Melbourne, you can target every project we have in these categories via filters.

Once you've got your filters set, click Apply, and you'll be up and running. Whether you're keen to see the results closest to you first, or those that are most recently added, you can tailor this with the sorting options at the top right of the results list.

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