Using the Watchlist to track Projects

Found some projects of interest? 

Great! Ensure you don't miss a beat by adding them to your team's Watchlist.

Whether the projects require some of your products, brands, or that of your competitors, you'll want to keep track of them so that you can maintain your specs by getting onto the right people at the right time. 

The Watchlist is shared amongst the team to keep everyone up to speed and prevent any double handling.

You can add projects to the Watchlist by marking them off as Interested from the Tenders and Awarded pages, Search results page, or within the project pop-ups themselves.

You also have the option to mark off projects as Quoting or Quoted.

From here, we'll keep you in the loop with Watchlist email updates like the one below so that you can maintain focus on your day to day priorities - be they chatting to architects, building relationships with builders or managing your specs. Head to your Settings where you can opt to receive these emails daily or weekly. 

Keep in mind that marking off projects as Interested, Not Interested, Quoting, or Quoted is for your internal purposes only, unless it is done within your Invitations & Requests page.

Setting your interest levels will also help you stay in the zone by filtering out the noise of irrelevant projects. Mark projects as Not Interested to hide them so that you and your team can quickly view new projects that you have yet to check out. 

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