Accessing Documentation

Accessing Documentation

Clicking the name of a project will bring you to the project slider where documents can be found. 

The slider will provide access to tender documentation where a Builder has provided them. Before accessing documentation, you need first to select a Builder you want to obtain documents from and then select the most relevant package.

Builders will either make projects available by request or allow you to access documents without needing to lodge a request.

Often builders will make documents available without the need to lodge a request. If this is the case you will be shown an option to View or Download the documents in the package. 

You can update your tender response (i.e. quoting or not quoting) on the Invitations & Requests page to keep track of your workflow.

Using the Doc Previewer

You've searched through projects and found something that seems to be relevant, but how can you be sure?

Save yourself some time by previewing your project documentation directly on EstimateOne. Selecting the View Documents button next to any Download link you see in EstimateOne will launch the Document Previewer.

Here you can check out all of the documentation before downloading it, and even search for the terms relevant to you. This will help you zero right in on what you need so that you can get on with the next steps. For example;

If you supply architectural panels, and are only interested in documents containing the word Zinc, enter Zinc into the top left search bar. This will show you documents that include the word Zinc.

You can select which search result to take a look at, which opens it up in the Previewer. EstimateOne will even highlight where in the document that search term is located.

Once you've found a document worth holding onto, download it by clicking the blue download button at the bottom right. To download multiple documents, tick off each document - or folder of documents - in the sidebar at left. Then click the Download Documents button.

After determining that a project is significant, stay on top of any changes that get made by adding it to your Watchlist. See how the Watchlist works here.

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