Tracking subcontractor engagement over time

We understand the importance of being able to identify which of your subcontractors are regularly quoting your tenders and which ones aren’t responding at all. Insights like these will help maintain strong relationships and highlight areas for improvement.

We surface this information in a couple of ways within the Address Book.


Engagement Score:

Each company will have an engagement score based on the number of tenders you have invited them to and their responses.  To surface, just click on the subcontractors name within the Address Book.

These statistics automatically update as you use EstimateOne, so you can always trust that they are up-to-date and relevant.

  • # Invitations: This is the number of tenders you have invited this subcontractor to in the last 12 months.
  • Response Rate: How often the subcontractor has responded to your invitation (e.g, downloaded your package, said Not Quoting, etc)
  • # Quotes: The number of times they have provided you a quote in the last 12 months.
  • Quote Rate: How often the subcontractor has quoted for you.


Tenders Tab

Under [Tenders] in the slider you will find the history of every tender the company has been issued an enquiry for and their response. 


A contact's Response Rate

Each contact is assigned a 'Response Rate' and a 'Quote Rate', which is based on the tenders they have been invited to during the past 12 months. To view these response rates and identify who your most responsive subcontractors are, you must export your Address Book to Excel.

Please note, you must be an Administrator of your account to export the Address Book.

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