Segment your companies using lists

I want to bulk invite a list of subcontractor contacts to a tender

A Contact List allows you pre-populate a list of specific contacts at a company to save time at the enquiry step.

Examples of how we’ve seen Contact Lists used in the past:

  • Preferred subcontractors: The three or four preferred contacts for each trade.
  • Previous tenders: Particularly handy if 2-stage tendering

I want to tag / segment my database of subcontractor companies

A Company List is perfect for segmenting your database by sectors or areas subcontractors work in. You can then use these segments filter in/out subcontractors at the enquiries step.

Examples of how we’ve seen Company Lists used in the past:

  • Sectors they work in: such as residential or commercial
  • By area: such as North London or Greater Manchester
  • Size of projects: S/M/L or <$5m / $20m - $50m / $50m

How do I create a list?

In your Address Book select [Lists] from the sub-menu. Decide whether you want to create a 'Contact List' or 'Company List'.

If you are creating a Contact List you’ll be able to create the list based on a past project you tendered on EstimateOne.

Once you’ve named your list, you’ve just got to select who you want to be in it. Find the trade from the trade menu and start ticking off who you want in the list.

It’s worth noting that for Contact Lists, you have to tick off the individual contacts while with Company Lists you can only tick off entire companies.

To finish, click [Save Company List]

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