Fixing and email "error"

We’ll flag all emails and enquiries that weren’t able to be delivered on the Invites and Responses page of your project.

 The  status indicates that the enquiry email was not able to be delivered.

 You can quickly fix an email error by following these steps;

  1. Click on the [Error] status to uncover the cause. . Errors could be something like; “Recipient Not Found”, “No such user”, “Bounce” etc.

  2. Edit the email address and confirm by selecting "Update Email & Resend..." In addition to sending another enquiry to the right address, we’ll update your Address Book for future enquiries


If for some reason they’re unable to receive emails from us, as a short term solution, follow these steps to get them access to the docs right away;

  1. Click on the drop-down menu beside the status of your subcontractor, then click [Copy download link].

  2. We will offer up a 'Direct Download Link' with a unique URL for this subcontractor (like we send them in their Enquiry emails). Highlight the URL and right-click to copy. You can now paste this link into an email to your Subcontractor.

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