Applying Lists to save time when sending invitations

You can save yourself time when sending out your enquiries by applying a list.

There are two ways you can use your lists;

  • Using a Contact List
    • This is a list of individual contacts, when you apply this list we’ll pre-populate the invitations everyone on this list. Just click [Apply Contact List] and we'll do the rest for you.

  • Filtering with a Company List
    • This will filter companies you want / don’t want to see. With this list applied you’ll just need to quickly cycle through the trades and tick off the subcontractors you want to invite. To do this you will need to;
      1. Click [Filter Table]
      2. Then [Add Filter]
      3. Under 'Field' select [Lists (Company)]
      4. Under 'Operator' select [Contains all of] to filter in a list or [Contains none of] to filter out a list
      5. Select your list under 'Value'
      6. Finish by clicking [Apply Filters]

You've used a list, great - what's next?

We recommend giving your selection a quick glance over before hitting [Issue Invitations].

You can always select or de-select subcontractors from your selection if need be. 

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