Creating Packages

You will create trade packages to issue to your subcontractors using EstimateOne’s Document Matrix. The matrix is created automatically when setting up a project and references the trades you selected and the documents you upload.

To allocate a document to a package, just click on the required box. To remove it, just give it another click.

We’ve made things a bit easier to navigate with heaps of shortcuts, click [Learn Matrix Shortcuts] up the top of your screen to learn more about these.


Creating Custom Packages.

When you want to merge two trades into one package or add a unique trade, you’ll need to create a Custom Package.

To create a Custom Package in the Document Matrix, from the [Menu], select [Add Custom Package]. You’ll be prompted to give the package a name and choose a discipline, this will determine where the package is positioned in your Document Matrix.

To send a Custom Package to a subcontractor select the Custom Package from the list of available packages when sending out your tender invitations.

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