Managing your Colleagues Invitations

The Invites & Requests tab is the place you need to be to check out all of the pending invitations your company has at the moment. Just tick off whose invites you'd like to see.

Why can't I download the documents from a colleagues invitation?

Sometimes projects are confidential in their nature - it could be because it’s a defence job or even a new prison.

Because these jobs need that extra level of security, you’ll need to be personally approved by the builder before they can give you the go-ahead.

How can I change the email address that receives invitations?

At the bottom of your invitations there’s a line prompting you to update your email address if needs be.

Just track down one of these emails and follow the prompts at the bottom. If you’re having trouble tracking down one of these emails, give us a quick buzz on 1300 705 035 and we’ll be able to help you find what you’re after. 

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