Using 'Offices' to quickly search

What is an 'Office'?

An office is just a fancy way of saying location. To quickly jump between locations on the noticeboard, you can create different ‘offices’.

Say you want to quickly change between looking for projects in Melbourne and Sydney - you’ll just need to create a Sydney ‘office’. 

How do I create an 'Office'

Click on the button which has your current office location next to "EstimateOne" at the top of the page, in this example, you would click on Melbourne:

A pop-up will then appear:

Either select an existing office, or create a new one and hit 'switch location'. 

If you'd like to search for projects close to this office, hit the 'Distance' filter, select 'By Office' and then choose how far away from your selected office. 

How do I delete an 'Office'

If you no longer want an office, all you need to do is shoot us off a quick email or give us a call on 1300 705 035.

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