Searching for projects

How do I use the search function?

The search bar at the top of the noticeboard can be used to search for projects by:
  • Project name
  • Specifications

Searching for specifications (spec search):

If you supply a certain product or you work in a niche trade, the Spec-search tool can help you quickly identify projects that are relevant to you.

Just type in a word or phrase in the search bar and we’ll pull projects where that term is mentioned in the documents.

Below the projects listing there will be a bit more context to how your term is referred to in the documents. Click on the drop down arrow if you want to reveal some more context. 

Why is the project I am searching for not showing?

There are a couple of reasons why a particular project you are searching for isn’t showing up.

The project has moved from ‘Open’ to ‘Awarded’ or ‘Closed’
5 days after the quotes are due from a project, the project moves to the ‘Closed’ category until a builder marks themselves off as being awarded the project. It’s best to flick between the tabs to see if it isn’t there.

The project is marked private
Even though you may be aware of a project through word of mouth or an invitation - sometimes if the contents of the documentation are classified the builder will choose not to display the project on the noticeboard.

You’ve been too specific in your terms
If you’re searching for a particular product with no luck, try some other terms or widening your net. It’s a bit like fishing, the more lines you throw out the more likely you are to catch a fish.

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