Setting up your account

How should I set up my account?

When setting up your account, there are a few best practice tips for the way you do your settings.

Company Name: Just your business name here will do. However, if your company operates in multiple states it can be worthwhile to include your state in the name. E.g. “XYZ Chippies (NSW)”

Address: If you use a PO Box, it’s still best to put the address of your actual office (or home). We’re not going to be sending you anything in the post - it’s more so we can show you the projects that are close to you (not closest to your local shops)

Email: Any email you use to communicate with builders. If you use three emails - great, add them all. This way we can help you organise your tenders in such a way.

How do I update my email address?

Just click on the Settings tab and update your email there. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that this won’t update the email address that is sent invitations to tender. Invitations to tender are coming from the builders themselves so you’ll need to update your details with them. This can be done by following a link at the bottom of one of your tender invite emails.


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