Sorting out your team

How do I add a user to my team?

Invite any of your colleagues to your EstimateOne by heading to the Team tab, scrolling to the bottom and filling out their details via the [Invite new team member] button.

Your colleague will be sent an invitation via email to join the account.

What's the difference between 'Admin' and 'Standard' users?

Admins are able to edit the company details and delete users who are no longer needed in the account.

Standard users are still able to add new users, download documents and update the team’s Watchlist.

How do I find out who the accounts Admin is?

Head to the Team tab and you can see which user has which permissions under the ‘Account Access’ column. 

How do I edit my colleagues details?

If your colleague has details that are out of date and you’re an account admin, you’ll be able to edit their details via the drop down menu to the right of their name in the team tab.

How can I help a colleague who is locked out of their account?

Jump into the Team tab and find the colleague who is locked out of their account. Click on the three dots to the right hand side of the listing and select [Resend access link].

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