Submitting a quote on EstimateOne - FAQs

Do I have to send my quote through EstimateOne

Not if you don’t want to - however sending your quotes through EstimateOne can help you with that pesky formatting and gives you the chance to send multiple quotes in just a couple of clicks.

I can’t find the package I’m quoting next to a builder.

The packages you can select for a builder are based on how they have chosen to split the package / name them.

If you can’t find the package you are looking for, we recommend picking the full set and using the ‘Quote details’ field to detail the package you are quoting off.

What if I want to upload different quotes to different builders?

To upload different quotes to different builders you’ll need to complete the quotes form for each different quote you wish to send out.

I can’t find the builder I want to quote to in this project.

Occasionally builders will list a project as private on EstimateOne and send invites to only select subbies. If you’ve been invited to the project, head to the Invitations and Requests tab, locate the project and submit your quote through this section.

Can I delete my quote?

To delete your quote, locate the quote and click through to bring up the ‘Quote details’ page. From here just hit the [Delete quote] button.

When you submit your quote, the builder will have it emailed to them - so to ensure no wires are crossed it’s best to reach out to the builder as well when you delete a quote.

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