1. Add the ability to Delete entries from the Invites and Responses page  ·  Now Available

  2. Add a "Quoting" status that can be assigned to contacts on the Invites and Responses page.  ·  Now Available

  3. Tender Responses "Revised" and "Rates" Option  ·  Under Consideration

  4. Add the ability to identify and merge duplicate companies and contacts in my Address Book  ·  Now Available

  5. Provide a comment field in the invites and responses section to allow for tender specific notes  ·  Now Available

  6. Include Company response rates on Address Book excel export  ·  Under Consideration

  7. Who has won a project  ·  Closed

  8. Add a "Quoted" or "Quote Sent" option for subcontractors to select in Invitations & Requests  ·  Now Available

  9. Subcontractor Quote Percentage  ·  In Progress

  10. Add a Response Filter for the Invitations and Responses page that shows anyone who could potentially submit a quotation for a project  ·  Under Consideration

  11. Include the "date sent" on the Invitations and Responses page  ·  Under Consideration

  12. "downloaded" option if the filter  ·  Not Progressing

  13. Response & Quote Rate calculation  ·  Under Consideration

  14. Action column on invites and responses page  ·  Under Consideration

  15. filter by response rate

  16. INVITES & RESPONSES PAGE  ·  Under Consideration

  17. 'Maybe Quoting'  ·  Under Consideration

  18. Add an Undecided status that can be assigned to Subcontractors on my Invites & Responses  ·  Under Consideration

  19. Add the ability to edit a note left on the Invites and Responses page  ·  Not Progressing

  20. Display a date stamp when viewing notes on the Invitations & Responses page.  ·  Under Consideration

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