1. Managing Invitation Responses

  2. Tracking subcontractor responses

  3. INVITES & RESPONSES PAGE  ·  Under Consideration

  4. Response & Quote Rate calculation  ·  Under Consideration

  5. Tender Responses "Revised" and "Rates" Option  ·  Under Consideration

  6. Invites and Responses modifications  ·  Now Available

  7. Show the notes left on Invites and Responses page  ·  Under Consideration

  8. Subcontractor Audit Report - E1 Responses Export  ·  Under Consideration

  9. Include Company response rates on Address Book excel export  ·  Under Consideration

  10. Better align the filters and columns on the Invites and Responses table  ·  Under Consideration

  11. Add a Response Filter for the Invitations and Responses page that shows anyone who could potentially submit a quotation for a project  ·  Under Consideration

  12. Include the "date sent" on the Invitations and Responses page  ·  Under Consideration

  13. Action column on invites and responses page  ·  Under Consideration

  14. Add the ability to Delete entries from the Invites and Responses page  ·  Now Available

  15. Display a date stamp when viewing notes on the Invitations & Responses page.  ·  Under Consideration

  16. Sort invites and responses by package then by company  ·  Now Available

  17. Add a "Quoting" status that can be assigned to contacts on the Invites and Responses page.  ·  Now Available

  18. An estimating strategy guide for Subcontractors

  19. Allow Builder to prioritize Invitations and Responses for follow up.  ·  Under Consideration

  20. Display a contacts position to all subcontractor list screens - lists, add single, add multiple, monitor responses  ·  Under Consideration

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