Notifying Subcontractors of Document Changes

Notifying your Subcontractors of Document Changes

When finalising an Addendum or Revision on the Document Matrix you will be prompted to confirm which packages you would like to notify and issue correspondence. By default, EstimateOne will only notify subcontractors that have downloaded packages, limiting the number of automated notifications issued to your subcontractors.

At this step, you can view a list of packages that subcontractors have downloaded as well as view the number of subcontractors due to be sent a notification. If you don't want the subcontractors on a certain package to be notified of this revision, simply deselect them. The Subject and Message you write here will be included in the email notification.

Additionally, you can view a list of packages that have not yet been downloaded by any subcontractors. Please note their packages will be updated and they'll receive the most current set when choosing to download. If you would like to issue these subcontractors correspondence you can do this from the Invites & Responses page by ticking off those you wish to notify and from the Quick Actions selecting Issue Correspondence.

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