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  1. Accessing Documentation

  2. Accessing Documents

  3. Adding a custom due date to a package

  4. Adding new users

  5. Adding notes

  6. Additional subcontractor details at sending enquiries stage:

  7. An estimating strategy guide for Subcontractors

  8. Applying Lists to save time when sending invitations

  9. Archiving and Unarchiving projects

  10. Best Practice EOI Guide

  11. Best Practice Quoting Guide

  12. Billing support

  13. Builder Quotes FAQs

  14. Building rapport with Builders

  15. Confirming specifications by viewing and searching documents

  16. Creating & Managing Lists

  17. Creating an addendum

  18. Creating Packages

  19. Custom Packages

  20. Drawing Register

  21. Editing a project

  22. EstimateOne 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

  23. Exporting your address book

  24. Finding project details

  25. Finding projects on the noticeboard

  26. Fixing and email "error"

  27. Getting Started - Upload Documents & Make Packages

  28. Guide to labeling filenames for seamless revision management

  29. Help with EstimateOne emails

  30. How do I cancel my subscription?

  31. How do I complete the setup of my project?

  32. How do I filter information to better suit my workflow?

  33. How do I keep track of the projects I'm interested in?

  34. How do I sync tender closing dates to my Outlook calendar?

  35. How do I upgrade my account?

  36. How to change the closing date of a project

  37. How to manage your trades

  38. How to setup your Supplier Account

  39. I’m a National Sales Manager, why can’t I see all my state teams?

  40. Issue packages in stages

  41. Issuing Correspondence

  42. Issuing Packages in Stages

  43. Managing Invitation Responses

  44. Managing Invitations

  45. Managing Quotes through EstimateOne

  46. Managing your Colleagues Invitations

  47. Merge and rename folders

  48. Merging duplicate company entries

  49. Multiple account help

  50. Notifying Subcontractors of Document Changes

  51. Previewing Documents

  52. Processing an Addendum

  53. Renaming and Moving Documents

  54. Resend Documents

  55. Revising packages and documents outside of an addendum

  56. Revising packages and documents, outside of an addendum

  57. Searching for projects

  58. Searching for your Products, Brands, and Competitors

  59. Segment your companies using lists

  60. Setting a preferred contact

  61. Setting Up a Project

  62. Setting up your account

  63. Shelby's EstimateOne tips and tricks for 2022.

  64. Sorting out your team

  65. Speci-Finder FAQ

  66. Subcontractor Documentation Requests

  67. Subcontractors you don't want to use anymore

  68. Submitting a quote on EstimateOne

  69. Submitting a quote on EstimateOne - FAQs

  70. Syncing your calendar with EstimateOne - Google Calendar

  71. Syncing your calendar with EstimateOne - iPhone

  72. Syncing your Calendar with EstimateOne - Outlook

  73. Track project leads using Speci-Finder

  74. Tracking document changes

  75. Tracking subcontractor engagement over time

  76. Tracking subcontractor responses

  77. Tracking Tender Correspondence sent to Subcontractors

  78. Uploading Documents

  79. Uploading files and storing them in the Address Book

  80. Using 'Offices' to quickly search

  81. Using the Document Matrix to add Documents to your Packages

  82. Using the Document Previewer

  83. Using the Project Noticeboard

  84. Using the Watchlist to track Projects

  85. Video Tutorials

  86. Viewing Audit Trails and Transmitals

  87. What does 'Interested' and 'Not Interested' mean?

  88. What is the difference between a good and bad quotation?

  89. What is the National Building Code?

  90. What should I write in the Description of Works?

  91. What’s an active tender?

  92. Why upgrade?

  93. Working with tender invites & builder requests

  94. Working with your Team / Multiple Offices

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