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  1. FAQ - Builders 

    1. What is the difference between “Open” and “Negotiated or Sensitive?”
    2. Setting Up a Project
    3. How do I add a colleague to my account?
    4. How Do I Create and Send a Custom Package?
    5. How Do I Keep Track of Document Changes?
  2. FAQ - Subbies and Suppliers 

    1. What does the Tender Phase look like?
    2. Why should I send my quote through EstimateOne?
    3. Can I edit or delete my quote?
    4. How do I find projects on EstimateOne?
    5. How do I use the search function?
  3. Tutorials - Builders 

    1. Getting Started - Upload Documents & Make Packages
    2. Using the Document Matrix to add Documents to your Packages
    3. Setting a preferred contact
    4. Processing an Addendum
    5. Guide to labeling filenames for seamless revision management
  4. Tutorials - Subbies 

    1. Video Tutorials
    2. Your Guide to Sending an Expression of Interest
    3. EstimateOne’s Guide to Quoting
    4. A Guide to Public Tenders
    5. Submitting a Quote on EstimateOne
  5. Tutorials - Supplier 

    1. EstimateOne 101 - Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Building rapport with Builders
    3. How to setup your Supplier Account
    4. Working with your Team / Multiple Offices
    5. Using the Project Noticeboard
  6. Procurement Feature Releases 

    1. Notifying Subbies of an unsuccessful quote
    2. Package dashboards
    3. Project separation
    4. Package flags
    5. Letting schedule improvements
  7. All articles 

    1. Getting Started - Upload Documents & Make Packages
    2. How do I filter information to better suit my workflow?
    3. I’m a National Sales Manager, why can’t I see all my state teams?
    4. What’s an active tender?
    5. EstimateOne 101 - Frequently Asked Questions
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