EstimateOne 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is EstimateOne?

EstimateOne is an online platform designed to help you find and follow projects where you are specified and connects you to hundreds of Australian commercial builders.

Who can I connect with on EstimateOne?

EstimateOne helps you connect directly with builders so that you can view their projects. Building rapport with Builders will go a long way to grow your business.

Connecting to Subcontractors directly through EstimateOne is in the works. For now, build rapport with Builders and build your network of active Subbies.

Being able to find Architects & Engineers is an active work in progress. At present, you can find Architect & Engineer details by accessing project documentation.

How do I make the most of EstimateOne?

Getting EstimateOne ready

Before starting anything else, we need to make sure you've provided all the right information to EstimateOne to make it work for you. You can do that by setting up your account.

Next, you should add all your team members, so everyone is working together. You can do that by adding your teammates and using the Team tab.

If you have multiple offices, you can manage numerous offices via EstimateOne. You may prefer to create separate accounts for national teams.

Finding Work (aka Lead Generation)

Suppliers can quickly search for your products, brands, and competitors using the EstimateOne keyword search.

Another way to find projects is to browse, filter, and sort the noticeboard.

To make sure a project is right for you, you can confirm your specification by viewing and searching documents.

If you're invited to a project or have requested documentation, you'll need to manage your Invites & Requests in EstimateOne.

Managing Projects

Once you've found a project, you can monitor projects and use the watchlist.

Using the team tab, you can see what projects your colleagues are working on.

What do I get when I upgrade?

EstimateOne free membership is limited in two ways. Free members cannot;
  • View projects with a total budget larger than $10m.
  • View who the successful builder is.
To unlock these two features, you must upgrade to a paid membership.

How can I use these features?

Viewing projects larger than $10m in value is vital for Suppliers who are not limited by labour constraints. Many subcontractors prefer to work on smaller projects, and therefore do not need to view large projects. Suppliers do not often have this problem. 

More extensive projects require more massive quantities to complete, which is a significant benefit to suppliers. For example, an electrical supplier can supply 20 power points for a house or 2,000 power points for a $100m tower in the CBD. 

Viewing the winning builder on a tender will be beneficial if you've been following a project for a while, you've priced at tender stage, but haven't heard back from anyone about your quote in quite some time. Due to the nature of construction, suppliers are often the last to be notified, which may not give you enough lead time.

For example, a furniture supplier knows a specified item has a 16-week lead time. Once a builder is awarded, the supplier can find the winning builder on EstimateOne and let them know that the item needs to be ordered long in advance. Without knowing the winning builder, the supplier may be passed off to a competitor with a smaller lead time.

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