How to setup your Supplier Account

Sort out the basics so you can hit the ground running.

Your Profile

Once your account is up and running, head to the Settings tab to start tailoring EstimateOne to your needs. 

The Your Profile section is used for internal purposes to manage your essential contact details and email preferences. When downloading and requesting documents, your name, email address and contact number will be shown to the builder - so it's worth a quick proofread!

To further stress the importance of accuracy here, as you build rapport with builders, they may see your name come across in a request and decide to add your details to their address book. The better acquainted you become with them, the likelier they are to share the info you need (e.g. Contract Administrator & Project Manager details, tendering and awarded subbies), so you'll want to make sure they can reach you.

Wondering what to do if you have multiple offices and teammates to add to EstimateOne? We've got you covered. Click here to see how to manage Multiple Offices.


The Account section of your Settings is where you'll add your company name, trades, and office information. 

Clicking on the box labelled Trades will bring up all of the trades you may identify yourself with. Don't see your trade? Don't panic! 

For now, select the trade(s) most relevant to your products, helping us highlight relevant projects for you on the Tenders and Awarded pages. These match on the trades selected by the Builders when uploading their plans. For example;

A lighting supplier might choose Electrical Services from the Trade list, while a supplier of wood-based products might select Carpentry and Joinery.

Keep in mind that your Settings are private, so there's no chance of your trade selection confusing builders. 

Regarding your office information, this helps us locate you to display projects in your area, so don't skip out on things like Street Address and Postcode.

Invoices & Licenses

When upgrading to our full membership, you will find all invoices and membership details here.

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