Working with your Team / Multiple Offices

What’s a 'Team' in EstimateOne?

A 'Team' in EstimateOne relates to the people you see listed in your Team tab. ‘Teams’ in EstimateOne are defined by an account that services a particular geographical area.

Companies who have more than one office may want to separate their teams on a regional, state, or national level. We recommend companies separate their accounts based on how they would like certain offices to collaborate. For example;

If an office in Geelong would ever work with a Melbourne office, we would recommend setting up just the one Victorian account. If it’s essential that information between these offices is confidential, we’d recommend setting up accounts based on the region.

If you are a user who appears on multiple accounts, your team view will depend on which branch/state account you are accessing at the time. You can easily navigate between these accounts by clicking on your name on the top right-hand corner and selecting the account you’d like to check out.

We’ve set it up like this to mimic the way different companies prefer to use EstimateOne. If you’re interested in working differently, please get in touch. 

We’d be happy to run you through some different options for how your account is set up to help you collaborate and work best together.  

How does the Team tab work?

The team tab in EstimateOne allows you to see what your team members are working on. This includes whether invitations have been received and responded to, whether quotes have been submitted, or even if documents are up to date.

To assist builders in managing their audit trail, you still need to request documents from a builder. This is to protect instances where projects are sensitive and also help you eliminate double handling within your team.

How do I add a user to my Team?

You can add a team member to the Team tab by clicking on the ‘Invite Team Member’ button. We’ll send them an invitation and walk them through getting set up.

If you want to add a team member with Admin level permissions, you need to ask an existing admin user. To see who can help you with this in the team tab, look under the ‘Account Access’ header.

What’s the difference between 'Admin' and 'Standard' users in EstimateOne?

Administrators of the team can edit out-of-date user information and remove users who are no longer needed on the account.

Standard users are still able to add new users, download documents and update the team's watchlist.

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