Working with tender invites & builder requests

What is an invite? And what is a request?

An Invitation is any project a builder has invited you to via EstimateOne. Also, any projects where you access documentation will become visible in the Invites page.

A Request is a project where you have specifically requested documentation from a builder, who had not invited you to tender. You will find any pending requests within the Requests section. Once approved, these will move into the Invitations section.

Who from my company is being invited to tender?

Each builder manages their private list of contacts within their account. 

If invitations are coming across to an incorrect contact within your company, reaching out to the builders will be the best way to get that fixed up.

You can see who from your team is invited to a project at any stage by going to the Team tab.

What do the doc statuses mean?

The Doc Status shown on the Invitations & Requests tab allows you to identify whether your downloaded documentation is still current. 

Any packages that you are yet to download will appear as "Not Downloaded", and packages that have been revised by the Builder will have a status of "Obsolete". 

You can download and view documents in a package for the projects you have access to any time. 

Why should I update the "Your Response" status?

Although you may not work with the builders directly, these status updates can help keep you and your team on top of your workflow. Just note that responses added within your Invitations & Requests tab go directly across to the builders. 

If sending your quote to a builder, they then can mark you off as Quoted.

If you'd prefer to manage your workflow internally, without responding to the builders themselves, you can do this within your account Watchlist.

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