Processing an Addendum

To get started, click [Create New Addendum] from your Project Dashboard.

You’ll need to give this Addendum a name and provide a brief description for a reference point in the projects Addenda History.

To upload your addendum documents, follow the same process you did when you originally uploaded tender documents.

By default, all documents will be added as new. This is now your opportunity to supersede the existing documents the new ones. There are two ways to do this;

  1. The first is to manually supersede by clicking [Select] next to each of the documents, and then finding the corresponding document.
  2. Alternatively, you can automatically supersede the documents in bulk (we highly recommend this way)

To save yourself time, select [Auto-Suggest Revisions] and we will recommend matches to supersede based on the file names.

If we get it wrong, just toggle these suggestions off to ‘No’ and manually supersede them afterwards. 

Once done, continue by clicking [Next Step: Document Matrix] 

Click [Show addendum docs only]at the top of the matrix to view only the relevant docs. Now you’ll need to add the new documents to their relevant packages. 

Click [Finalise Packages]to move to the final step.

To finish your addendum, click [Confirm Changes]. EstimateOne will automatically notify all affected subcontractors who have downloaded their package. Subcontractors who are yet to download their package will get the most up to date docs when downloading from their original link.

Now that your Addendum has been finalised, you can track changes to the documents in the 'Addenda/Revision History' section at the bottom of your Project Dashboard. To track the engagement from your subcontractors head over to the Invites & Responses page.

Manually issue a notification of an addendum:

If a subbie hasn’t downloaded their package and you want them to be notified of an addendum, you can manually send them some correspondence.

Head to the Invites & Responses page and, tick off the subcontractors you want to notify,  then from [Quick Actions]select [New Correspondence].

In this case you’ll be sending a [Notification of Addendum]. In the ‘Title/Subject’ line we recommend referencing the Project name, and adding further detail in the message.

Click [Send to Contacts] and you’re good to go!

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