Setting Up a Project

Project Details

To kick off the process hit the [Add New Project] button at the top right of your screen.

This will open the New Project Wizard, which goes through the five stages of setting up a tender.

The first step is to add in a few key details for the project. The Estimator’s Details will be prefilled with whoever is logged in and issuing the tender. This can be changed manually if you’re adding a tender on someone else's behalf.

The ‘Description of Works’ section is a chance for you to provide a quick blurb which will be read by your subcontractors as they access the docs. You might want to include things like an overview of the scope, the number of stages, floor area, etc.

This description will be shown to the subcontractor when they download the package on your Public Tender Page.



Next, you’ll need to tick off the trades required for the project, these trades will form the headings of your packages in a later step.

Click on the box next to each trade to select it or hit [Select All] to tick off all trades under the disciplinary heading.

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