Custom Packages

Create a custom package:

If the tender you are working on requires a trade you don’t regularly use, or you need to issue a subcontractor two or more packages, we recommend using our Custom Package feature. This allows you to create a package not based on your trade headings with a custom name, eg. ‘Roofing and Hydraulics’.

To create a Custom Package you’ll need to jump into the Document Matrix and select [Add Custom Package] via the [Menu] at the top of the page.

You will then be prompted to provide a name and select a discipline (so we know where in the Document Matrix to position the package)

Issue a Custom Package

There are two ways to send out a Custom Package to a subcontractor.

  1. At the Multi-Enquiry step, you can change the Package drop-down menu to select your Custom Package.

  2. Using the [Invite-single]tool from the Invites & Responses page or from the Address Book.

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