Merging duplicate company entries

We’ll help you maintain a good database by auto-suggesting you merge companies we detect as duplicates. We suggest these based on the company name, phone number and email domain. With a click of a button you will be able to merge the companies, whilst retaining all their data.

To get started, head to your Address Book and select [Duplicates] from the menu below.

Here you can see all the suggested duplicate companies in your address book.

You have options to merge one company into another here by selecting [Preview merge] with the relevant arrow. Selecting [Ignore] will remove the recommendation from the list.

This will bring up the ‘Merge Companies’ pop-up. Here you’ll see how we will merge the two companies into one. If you’re happy with the changes, select [Merge Companies] to finish.

Pro tip! Merging companies is a great way to retain all the previous data of both companies on the same contact.


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