Revising packages and documents outside of an addendum

Editing a Package:

If you need to add or remove documents from a package you’ve already published, click [View / Edit Packages]via the Project Dashboard.

When in the Matrix, click [Edit Packages]and update the packages as you need. Once you’re done make sure you select [Update Packages]to finalise the changes. Finally, you’ll be prompted to add some notes and notify your subcontractors affected.


Uploading a new document:

To add a BoQ, or upload a forgotten document, head to the [Add / Delete Documents]section via the [Project Dashboard].

Upload your documents via the grey box.

After they’ve successfully uploaded, click [Open Document Matrix]to make the necessary package changes. This process is the same as before. Make sure you finish by clicking [Update Packages]to save the changes. To finalise, progress through the [Confirm & Notify]pop-up to notify any affected subcontractors.

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