Renaming and Moving Documents

Renaming Documents

You can easily edit the names of your documents, which will assist in automating addenda later. What’s important to note is editing a document name will not edit the filename, therefore subcontractors will still download a document with the original filename.

To rename documents in bulk, head over to the Documents page via your Project Dashboard. Tick off the docs you want to change the name of and via the banner at the bottom click ‘edit’.

Alternatively, if you need to view the document first, click the document name to launch the Document Previewer and edit the name here.

Moving Documents

If you move a document from one folder to another, this will be reflected on the Documents page, in the Document Matrix and in your subcontractor's packages.

Head to the Documents page and tick off the docs you want to move. Via the banner at the bottom click on the [more] button followed by [Change Folder].

If you’re moving a document to an existing folder, easy, select the folder name from the drop-down.

If you want to create a new folder for your documents, select [Move into a new folder], then [Move Documents].

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