How to change the closing date of a project

To extend the closing date on a project, hop into the Project Details page via the Project Dashboard, select a new date and hit save. Keep in mind this will not automatically notify your subcontractors of the new closing date.

To let your subcontractors know about the changing dates you’ll need to issue them an ‘Extension of Time’ correspondence.

Head to the project’s Invites & Responses page and select the subcontractors you wish to issue the correspondence to. If you're providing different dates for different trades, you’ll need to send multiple messages. In these instances, just select the subcontractors one trade at a time.

Once you have selected Subcontractors, open the [Quick Actions] menu at the top right and select [New Correspondence].

Select ‘Extension of Time’ as the type of correspondence, enter a message for your subcontractors and press send.

All correspondence you send is saved in your account and can be viewed at a later date via the Correspondence page.

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