Multiple account help

How to know if you have multiple accounts?

If any of the following is happening to you, there is a chance you might have accidentally created multiple EstimateOne accounts:
  1. You receive multiple Monday Morning or Mid-Week Update emails
  2. You can’t access awarded work but you have a full membership
  3. You are missing projects from your watchlist that you added
All good, these things happen. If you think this might have happened to you, reach out to us at or 1300 705 035 and we’ll happily look into this for you.

What if I need two accounts?

Some people - particularly those who manage teams in multiple states - need access to more than 1 EstimateOne account. This is quite rare, and I’d recommend getting in touch with someone from our team before you set this up.

If you need to navigate between multiple accounts, just click on your name in the top right hand corner to bring out the drop down menu. Here you’ll be able to switch between your multiple accounts.

[note: if you can’t see your other accounts you could be signed in under the wrong email address]

Am I able to merge mine and my colleagues account?

Of course, we actually encourage you do this. Having one account per company means you can collaborate on projects with your colleagues and ensure you’re not double handling / missing work.

To get your accounts merged just give us a buzz on 1300 705 035 or shoot us an email on 

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