Managing Invitations

How do I view and search my invitations?

First head over to the Invitations & Requests tab - here you’ll be able to check out all the projects you’ve been invited to and all the documents you’ve requested.

If you need to search for a particular project - just start typing in the name in the ‘Search Invitations’ bar to the left of your screen.

How do I find my old invitations?

To access all of the projects you’ve been invited to in the past, just click on the Archive tab.

Projects move to the archive section 5 days after the quotes due date.

How do I access my colleague's invitations?

Click on the drop-down menu under ‘Invited Team Member’ and tick off whose invitations you want to see.

If your colleague has been invited to a project marked as private or closed by the builder - you won’t be able to access the documents. Best ask your colleague to forward the documents to you or get in touch with the builder if your colleague is no longer with your company. 


How do I redirect my invitations?

Head into your emails and find one of your invitations to tender. At the bottom of the email click the link: ‘If your invitations are going to the wrong email address, request to update your details here.’

You’ll be prompted to confirm your email address for security purposes. Once you’ve done this, all builders who have your details on file will be notified to update your details. 

How do I let the builder know if I want to quote or not?

Head to the Invitations & Requests tab and find the project you want to alert the builder on. Under response select either [Quoting] or [Not Quoting] via the drop-down menu.

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