Syncing your calendar with EstimateOne - iPhone

Step 1

Log into your EstimateOne account and head to the Settings tab. Then select [Calendar Sync] from the menu.

Step 2

Choose which types of projects you’d like to sync to your calendar - these are linked to the status of projects on your watchlist. We suggest 'interested' and 'quoting'.

Step 3

Under ‘CalendarURL’ we’ll give you the link you need to import into your calendar. Hit the [Copy] button to save it to your clipboard.

Step 4

From your Phone's home screen, go into [Settings]

Step 5

Select [Passwords & Accounts], then scroll down and select [Add Account]

Step 6

From the options, select [Other] at the bottom then select [Add Subscribed Calendar]
In the field marked ‘Server’, hold down your finger, then select paste. When you’re done hit the [Next] button. 

And that’s it!

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