Managing Quotes through EstimateOne

You will notice you are now able to manage your quotes through EstimateOne, here is a quick guide with everything you need to know.

What will happen when a subbie sends me a quote?

To keep things simple, we’ll still email you the quote as an attachment. However, now you will also have the option to access, upload and manage all project’s quotes on EstimateOne.

To access the quotes on EstimateOne, head to the project dashboard and jump into the new Quotes section. Quotes are automatically nested under the package the subbie quoted from.

To get a granular subbie by subbie view head to the Invites & Responses tab. If a subbie has a quote uploaded, you’ll see this new quoted label with the document icon. []. To download the hit the three dots to the right of the subbies listing and hit [view quote]

What about the quotes I get from outside of EstimateOne - can I organise them here?

What if I can’t find the subbie?

Just invite them to the tender - this way they’ll automatically be notified with any new addenda you publish.

What about revisions?

When you receive a revised quote, first find the quote you need to revise and hit the pencil icon - you can upload the revisions on this page.

If the subbie is using EstimateOne to submit their quotes, we’ll automatically update the quote for you.

Can I upload multiple quotes at once?

You sure can. Head to the project Dashboard and hit the [add quotes] button.

Drag and drop the quotes into the box. Now you just need to select the package the quote is for - you also have the option to select a subcontractor and the price they quoted you.

And that’s it. If you have other questions, why don’t you check out our FAQs - or feel free to give us a quick buzz, we’re always up for a chat.

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