Builder Quotes FAQs

How do I access a quote?

The quote will be emailed as an attachment to the email address listed in the tender. You can also access the quote via the Quotes tab of a project or under the subbies listing in the Invitations & Responses tab.

How do I upload a quote?

Head to the Invitations & Responses tab and find the subbie who sent through the quote. Click on the three dots to the right of the listing and hit [upload quote]

If the subbie isn’t already listed in the Invitations & Responses table, invite them to tender - now they will be automatically updated of any addenda.  

You can also upload multiple quotes at once by hitting the [Add Quotes] button via the project dashboard.

What happens when I get a quote from a subbie not in my address book?

If it’s a subbie you are keen to work with, we recommend adding the subbie to your address book and then inviting them to the project they quoted. Once you’ve invited them to the project, you’ll be able to upload their quote.

How do I revise a quote?

Find the quote you need to revise then hit the pencil icon. Here you’ll be able to update the quote.

Can I delete a quote?

Yes, all you need to do is find the quote, click through and hit [Delete quote]

I uploaded a quote to the wrong subbie

If you upload a quote to the wrong subbie we recommend archiving the quote as soon as possible. You’ll need to find the quote and hit the [Delete quote] button.

When you upload a quote it is visible on the subbies end. If the subbie has an EstimateOne account, they’ll be able to access the quote you uploaded against their name - so best delete it as soon as possible.  

How do I change the email address that receives quotes?

All you need to do is change the email address listed as the contact on the tender (via the Project Details page). Once this is updated all future quotes will be sent to the new email.

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